The Game

See there was a game called “life”,
in this game you will see levels “life challenges”,
a really important element in this game is called “time”, because time is what basically keeps the game running and the levels growing up continuously till the end of a level, no one told before what is going to happen after this level “death”.

And the players are all curious about their existence, if they are the only players, when did the game start, what was before the first level, what will happen after that level, that nobody ever came back from, and are there any other games.

Some of the players tried to use a cheatingcode “suicide” to reach that level that nobody ever came back from, hopefully they can get to know one answer or maybe more, whether they knew or not, non of the other players knew.

But one of the things that happend:
Is that one player “our hero”, decided to discuss curiousity instead of thinking alone about it or use a cheatingcode to find out answers.

But nobody ever listened to him…. so unfortunately, that player had to discuss it within himself.

In a way trying to stimulate not to imagine, another player from his mind with a real character and a different way of thinking than his own personal character.

So he started to realize how the other players thinks, so he could use it as a help with creating the other character that he wanted in his mind.

And then one character wasn’t enough, because there is a lot of players and they have different positions “moods”, “styles”, “opinions”, and a way of playing “thinking”. In each position they react in a different way, so he was confused which player in which shape is good enough for his own character as a side of the discussion.

From that point our hero decided to make more and more characters in his mind.

Till the day that he lost his own character between all of them in his head, because he was fair enough to let the other characters be in the same level of discussions as his own personal character, and they all argued a lot, about everything in the game, especially what’s right and what’s wrong.

He was so scared in the beginning,
he started searching for his own personal character next to making more new characters in his head combined with the characters from the players in the game.

He spent nights lost in his mind trying to recover what was lost, but unfortunately without any result,
till the day that he decided to use a different way.

The different way was:
Using the benefit of having all that was missing in his mind, to understand the other players in the game out of the simulation in his mind.

So he started to categorize the types of players and put links between them.

So he combined the discussions results of the characters from his mind and the knowledge that he had about other players, to create somthing he named it as “the actual truth”.

In the game, there is a database called the logic, every player in the game considers the logic as their main knowledge guide, but our hero knew that the logic is not good enough as the fact, the fact which is the existence of the game itself, he took this fact as a proof to himself that there is something wrong with the logic.

Why? will, in his mind it was going like this:
We know that we exist, and thats a fact, but this fact is not logical, because the logic says that our existence needs to have a beginning and the beginning needs to have a beginning…….etc, this logic rule is philosophically denying the same logic that it came from, so it’s logical and not logical at the same time, and if the logic is denying itself, either it isn’t true or the fact of existence itself is not true, the fact comes from reality and when reality and logic are different, that opens a new door for thinking bigger, it could be that there is something wrong in the logic, but what if it’s more than that?

What if the reality is also wrong, we built the reality using our fiscal & mental devices, yes we built it, we are not 100% sure that this is the truthful reality, what we see or smell or even feel, all of that might be generated in our mind, if it was called mind in the truthful reality, so basically it’s possible that our logic wrong, our reality is wrong.

All of that pushed our hero to find out more about the logic and how it was created in the game, (the logic is a creation not an existence), he found out that the logic is brand-new, it was not there at the first level, not even the fourth one.

So how the other players could live without the logic, and how the logic was created,
these two questions made our hero crazy, trying to find out the real answer for the real question, which is not how or when or even where, the real question was “why”.

Why did we create the logic, is it that the older players thought that reality is not enough to know, how to play?

These were all questions bringing more questions and sometimes maybe answers,
a cool answer was understanding that the game is based on contradiction, like light and darkness, light is when an electron jumps from it’s bath in the atom, it’s making action, it’s moving and that means it’s getting effected by the time element, and the darkness is exactly the opposite, where nothing moves on the atomic level, it’s pure quietness, and it doesn’t get effected by the time element.

The answers were cool to know, but sad also, because our hero wished, if other players could go further with thinking, maybe the get to know some answers like him.

So he wrote an article called “the game” and he started with writing as part of what happened with him, so other players could understand him maybe.

He was hoping that the first part of the article could touch the players imagination, then he would continue writing his invitation to encourage players about start using their minds one hour daily, his invitation started with questions for sure, it was like this:

Why are we interested in things that we can’t benefit from, why do we add extra subjects while we can’t know our identity, who are we? Human is a name, it doesn’t mean anything, just a label to personalize the existence or people or even other creatures.

But that’s not really who we are, actually till this moment, we didnt reach even a part of the knowledge that we need to describe our identity, and still most of what takes a space in our head is, what are we wearing or what are the most types of food that we like to eat….etc, we criticized the daily life value over the most important life that we are a part of “the universe”.

The universe is a definition of the place and the time that we think existed, but we don’t know how it existed, when, why, or even whether there is a reason behind it or it’s just a miss, that was issued out of nothing.

The last prospect is against our human-ego and our logic, while the first prospect which says that there is a reason behind existence, it gives us confidents about our value in this life, it makes us more hopeful about the future, but in both of the cases we left our imagination in our childhood, and went to the daily life entertainment, forgetting that imagination is the real entertainment, where you could be what you want, some of us writes novels out of their imagination and its nice to read, it makes you use your own imagination also, but within a limit, why don’t we just try one hour a day, to use our mind without limits.

We can try to unlock the limits of imagination, we can stimulate real people, real since, what if we could reach the level of simulating “The Universe”? Does it sound far away?

Well guess what, I think it’s a simulation itself:
I wrote this article trying to help you think bigger (if you didn’t, do it already)

Sorry that the story ends up to be an article in the end, but I hope deeply that you get the point of what I’m talking about. Have a nice day my friend and please use your imagination.

This article is written by: Alhasan Fatoum

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